Subtypes are used to categorize objects in a single dataset that shares the same attributes. To add subtypes, you must have a subtype field in the dataset. The subtype field must be of long or short integer data type. First, create a ShapeDescription object to specify the geometry type and spatial reference. A FieldDescription object is specified in the constructor, contained in the pipeLength variable.

Data Definition Language

The option list allows you to set view options such as a
label and an expiration time. The CREATE TABLE LIKE statement copies only the metadata of the source table. You can use the as query_statement clause to include data into the new table. The predefined IAM roles bigquery.user,
bigquery.jobUser, and bigquery.admin include the required permission.

Types of Database Languages

The following example statement deletes the procedure myProcedure from
the dataset sample_dataset in the project other_project. The following example statement deletes the function parseJsonAsStruct from
the dataset sample_dataset in the project other_project. The following example statement deletes the function parseJsonAsStruct
contained in the dataset mydataset. Setting the value replaces the existing value of that option for the
materialized view, if there was one.

OUT indicates that the argument is an output of the procedure. An OUT
argument is initialized to NULL when the procedure starts. IN indicates that the argument is only an input to the procedure. You can
specify either a variable or a value expression for IN arguments.

On-demand query size calculation

A search index enables efficient queries using the
function. To remove a project from any reservations and use on-demand billing instead, set
reservation_id to none. An OUT or INOUT argument can be assigned a value using SET, in which case
the modified value is visible outside of the procedure. If the procedure exits
successfully, then the value of the OUT or INOUT argument is the final value
assigned to that INOUT variable.

Data Definition Language

BigQuery supports UDFs written in either SQL or
JavaScript. Set to MANUAL if you want to refresh the metadata cache on a schedule you determine. In this case, you can call the BQ.REFRESH_EXTERNAL_METADATA_CACHE system procedure to refresh the cache. Creates a new table with all of the same metadata of another table.

There are some commands in DML such as insert and delete. First, a Description class is used to specify the schema object to be created or deleted. The Description objects are either created by assigning desired values to a set of properties and parameters, or using existing schema objects, including tokens or existing basis sql definitions. It deals with data manipulation and includes the most common SQL statements such as SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, etc. DML statements are not auto-committed, meaning the changes can be rolled back if necessary. By mastering these DML commands, you can efficiently manipulate data in MySQL databases.

Data Definition Language

The following example creates an external table from a CSV file and explicitly
specifies the schema. It also specifies the field delimeter (‘|’) and sets the
maximum number of bad records allowed. External tables let BigQuery query data that is stored outside of
BigQuery storage.